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[Misc] writing

July 2009

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[Comics]XXX Investigators

I have a hell of a lot of people on my buddy list. A HELL of a lot. No, my friends, this is not a friend cut. I used to do that sort of thing but, you know what? I don't really like it. So I'll reserve the friend cutting for if something big happens that would make me...not be your friend anymore. Or if you take me off your list. Anyway.

The reason for this observation is this: Not only do I have a lot of friends on my buddy list, but I have a lot of friends who RP.

So. My friends who RP. My friends who like superheroes. My friends who like writing, and in character dramay goodness. I would like to direct your attention over to hero_network for all of your rping needs. It's a great game, tons of awesome writers, and the friendships you gain there last a lifetime. Okay okay, I'm done sounding like a retirement home television ad. But seriously guys, we've got an awesome bunch of writers. And straight from the site itself, here's a list of wanted characters (though it's not limited to this, promise) to help you think:

Aquaman [Aquaman]
Benjamin Grimm [Fantastic Four]
Captain America [Captain America]
Carnage [Spider-Man]
Cassandra Nova [X-Men]
Cyborg [Teen Titans]
Doc Ock [Spider-Man]
Green Goblin [Spider-Man]
Guido/Strong Guy [X-Factor]
Joker & Harley Quinn [Batman]
Kid Devil [Teen Titans]
Monet [X-Factor]
Mr. Freeze [Batman]
Mr. Sinister [X-Men]
Poison Ivy [Batman]
Reed Richards [Fantastic Four]
Sabretooth [X-Men]
Siryn [X-Factor]
Sue Richards [Fantastic Four]
Superboy/Kon-El [Superman]
Superman [Superman]
Two-Face [Batman]
Venom [Spider-Man]

For the list of taken characters go here, and for the canon character application go here. Oh! And we accept original characters that attend either Wayne Academy or Xavier Institute, so to apply for an original character, apply here! We're really looking for OCs that aren't graduating this year, methinks, but I think they're accepting most so apply!


*shifty eyes* I actually re-applied for Pyro last night.
Fo' Rizzle? Sweeeeeeet.