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[Misc] writing

July 2009

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[Misc] writing

Mostly to help ease my worried friends list

My talk with the representative from 6A:

[03:54] onthinlines: Hi, is it alright if I ask you a couple of questions?
[03:54] anildash: yup
[03:55] onthinlines: How come there hasn't been any official news at livejournal about the livejournal issue? I understand there's been news elsewhere, but considering a large portion of your members are in a panic over the situation, I'm surprised there hasn't been SOMETHING.
[03:57] anildash: we're working on it right now
[03:58] onthinlines: Alright, thank you, I appreciate that, as I'm sure everyone else does as well.
[03:59] onthinlines: Regarding the fiction communities that were deleted and the role playing journals as well, what's the policy on journals/communities of that nature from now on? I'd like to know what I can write in my fanfiction, as well as how to handle any fictional characters I might be handling.
[03:59] anildash: the ones that were wrongly deleted

[04:00] anildash: will be restored
[04:00] anildash: and won't be bothered in the future
[04:00] anildash: we'll explain clearly what happened
[04:01] onthinlines: No, no, I completely understand that. What I want to know is the policies for the future. For instance, should I worry that one day my journal will be deleted if I'm writing a fanfic about the Harry Potter trio that involves sex of any kind when the characters involved are residing at Hogwarts, putting them in the category of 'underage' despite it being fiction about fiction?
[04:02] anildash: i think we're going to explain the guidelines, but no, those will be safe
[04:04] onthinlines: What about those fanfics of incestual nature, such as the writings about the Winchesters from the television series Supernatural? I'm sorry if you're being bombarded by questions at the moment, I'm just trying to ease my own worries, as well as others. Though, I do understand if you're too busy to continue answering my questions.
[04:04] anildash: i think all that kind of fic is fine
[04:05] onthinlines: Alright, thank you for you time.
[04:05] anildash: you're welcome